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How Your IELTS Score is Viewed, and What This Means for You

For your IELTS score, you will be grouped in one of nine bands.

If you are on the upper edge of one of these bands, it is definitely profitable to work your way into the next one by studying and practicing.

What Jobs Require Which IELTS Scores

Below is a list of different jobs and what each IELTS score band means to that occupation. If you have a lower IELTS score, you might want to consider either studying more and trying to increase your score, or a less linguistically demanding position.

Which IELTS Study Guides and Practice Tests Are Worth Your Time

We believe the following guides present uncommon value to our customers who wish to “really study” for the IELTS. While our manual teaches some valuable tricks and tips that no one else covers, learning the basic coursework tested on the IELTS is also helpful, though more time consuming.

Practice Tests

IELTS Practice Tests (Click above to order)
This is the ONLY source for REAL IELTS tests. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED only for the practice tests- disregard their advice.

Study Guide

Cambridge IELTS 3

Cabridge IELTS 3 is THE best comprehensive coursework guide to the IELTS.  If you want to spend a couple months in preparation to squeeze every last drop out of your score, buy this book!

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